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Change Windows User Profile Image without code

Lwin Maung / 3/16/2016 3:38:25 AM / General

There are many ways for a user to change the profile image on a Windows machine. Typical methods involves changing it manually by going to settings>acccount>update picture (on Windows 10) or similar methods. You can also do that via powershell and update your profile to that from AD (see link) or via UWP app using code (see link). What if you want to do it via command line?

In the case of command line, you will want to use this application: download userpic.exe

This is a command line app was pulled out of Microsoft RDX Demo experience.

The syntax is as follows:  

userpic.exe mynewphoto.accountpicture-ms

This will set the profile image to new photo. You can run it application in startup scripts, indiviually, batch scripts, or call it from apps.