Lwin Maung
Innovating A Maung Us

Who is Lwin


Lwin Maung is a full stack cross platform architect with deep technical knowledge in Machine Learning, Internet of Things, mobile, and web development. He is known for his Mechatronics development in the Midwest and can be seen speaking at various local and regional user groups, code camps, and technical conferences. He is a practical technologist who believes that in order for business to succeed, a right touch of technology must be developed in conjunction with proper user and client experience for the end users.

Lwin understands while unique ideas paves paths to succeeds, the path is to be taken by people and processes. The technology alone can not be pushed down to people with business desires for growth. For a true growth, varying percentages of people, process, and technology must be used create a right formula for each business case.


This is

Lwin is one of the most gifted and hard-working technical architects I’ve ever encountered. His work ethic is super human, and he’s gone above and beyond what we could reasonably ask of anyone time and time again. His technical skill is second to none. He always seems to be able to offer 10 possible solutions to every technical problem we run into, and he will instantaneously and accurately rattle off all the pros and cons of each one. He has demonstrated thought leadership time and time again, and helped us stay on the right path on what is a maniacally complex project. We endear him and our clients endear him. If you need a highly skilled leader, you can’t do better than Lwin.

Brian Barthelt
SVP, Director of Digital Technology
Leo Burnett Interactive